Consulting & Management of Discontinuities
Interim Management

"Consulting by Doing"

Manage the operative business
  • Stabilise
  • Give and build trust (internally and externally) by honest committment
  • Focus the parties on the unit's main tasks

Active Shaping  "on the job"

  • Forward looking activities, time limit of assignment is irrelevant
  • Operative Tätigkeit mit dem Blick nach vorn
  • Review of structures, procedures and appearance
  • Raising awareness of the strengths of the current base and step-by-step realisation of optimisation potential
  • Stärken der guten Basis aufzeigen und Realisieren von Optimierungspotentialen
  • Setup and expansion of organization and / or market presence
  • Fine-tuning and accentuating the strengths, modifying only where necessary
3/4 Management plus 1/4 Consulting
    Rapid start-up thanks to
  • Broad base and industry knowledge
  • Strong commitment and motivation from within
  • Winning dealing with employees and customers

    No theoretical consultat's initiatives on PPT
Consulting from the inside instead from outside
(Seamless Consulting)
  • Identification of entry points
  • Constant verification of potentials with the client
  • Pragmatic implementation as part of the operational activities
  • Foster clear and healthy self conciousness of the unit in context with the environment (eg, focus on customers)
  • Giving and living the example

Advantages of this hands-on approach

  • Coordinated and realistic steps towards a stable solution
  • Cost Effective (A job with multiple functions)
  • High level of acceptance inside and outside the company
  • Fast results
  • Sustainalble solutions are tailored to YOU from within

Portfolio of Services

  • Trouble Shooting
  • Line-and result responsibility
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Process optimisation